Eye of Leo Series: The Gathering

Directed by Sara Shelton Mann
Solo Performance and Collaboration by Anya Cloud

Performed at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco, CA, August 2017 and at Lion’s Jaw in Boston, MA, October 2016.

Sara Shelton Mann presents the final installment of the Eye of Leo series. Combining the psyches of ten solo events in to the mind and body of Anya Cloud. Mud Loves Love.

This is a gathering of a chorus over time. Some of the parts are missing, some are under the floor boards, some are still waiting to be heard. It is all the aspects of the self that want attention simultaneously – just as the 12th kid comes into the room – just as the sun comes over the mountain.

It is unknown with whom Anya will engage and bring through and what will disappear. The performance has already occurred, Anya is the architectural sculptor of that which cannot be seen.