We invite you to imagine, question and experience within an evolving landscape of contemporary choreography and design. Enter to behold our hitting the nerve of what is. Through construction and deconstruction, the real and imagined, the desirable and repulsive this embodied curiosity traverses the contours of physical, intellectual and emotional material. It also includes camels. Whose fantasy is this? 
Think: Body. Agency. TLC. Emergency. Re-emerge. Taxidermy.

Choreographed by Anya Cloud with Mary Reich and Karen Schaffman
Dramaturgy by Sonia Fernandez
Lighting Design by Kristin Hayes
Sound Design by Andy Muehlhausen
Costume Design by Halei Parker
Projection Design by Orli Nativ
Scenic Design by Rob Tintoc
A standout of the evening was The Fantasy Project…by San Diego’s Anya Cloud, Mary Reich, and Karen Schaffman. It was built on a simple premise—three women in varying shades of taupe lying on the floor and rocking their bodies back and forth…for a long, long time. They moved into standing rocking positions or thrusted their way across the floor, and Cloud eventually managed to get a red stiletto on one foot, but they stayed true to the rhythm of it as the image changed from sexual to anatomical to abstract and back again; most of the audience was sympathetically nodding along. It pointed out a strength for either choreography or improvisation: make a strong, simple choice and stick with it, and then whatever is revealed later will make itself evident and earned through the long passage of transformation.
–Seattle Dances, 2012