Upcoming Performances and Teaching

Teaching schedule for summer 2019 coming soon!

10/3-8/18        Teaching/Performance:              Lion’s Jaw, Boston, MA
8/10-12/18      Performance:                               Echo
, Sara Shelton Mann, Berlin, Germany
7/30-8/5/18    Teaching:                                      Contact Meets Contemporary
, Gottingen, Germany
7/23-27/18       Assisting:                                     Impulstanz – Sara Shelton Mann
, Vienna, Austria
7/6-22/18         Assisting:                                      Exin – Sara Shelton Mann: Moving Alchemy,
Arlequi, Girona, Spain
6/29-7/3/18    Teaching:                                       wcciJAM
, Berkeley , CA
6/14-15/18       Performance:                               
Echo, Sara Shelton Mann, San Francisco, CA
3/18-27/18      Teaching:                                        The American Continent Encounter of Improvisation
, Merida, Mexico
10/27-11/1/17 Teaching:                                        Contact Festival Austria
, Austria
8/11-15/17        Teaching:                                       PADL West Dance Festival,
San Diego, CA
7/30-8/6/17    Teaching/Performance:                 Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation
7/4-9/17           Teaching:                                         Metamorphosis,
6/30-7/2/17    Teaching:                                         Metamorphosis – Pre-Festival Workshop,
5/4-11/17          Teaching:                                         Ukraine Contact Festival
12/27-1/7          Teaching:                                         Israeli Contact Festival

8/26-27/16      Performance:                                    The Gathering,
Sara Shelton Mann
8/4-7/16           Teaching:                                          Iowa Contact Improvisation Festival
7/11-23/16        Artists’ Assistant:                          Trisha Brown Dance Company Repertory,
CSU Summer Arts, Monterrey Bay
6/28-7/3/16     Teaching:                                         
wcciJAM, Berkley
6/25/16              Performance:                                          More Unicorn, Leslie Seiters/little known dance theatre, Brooklyn, NY
3/25-26/16       Performance:                                   Girls At Work,
Katie Duck and Yolande Snaith Raw Space, San Diego
2/13/16              Performance:                                   Fingertips Toward Floor…,
Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles
12/3-5/15          Performance:                                    Erasing Time,
Sara Shelton Mann, Yerba Buena Arts Center, San Francisco
10/1-3/15          Performance:                                    Headwaters Dance
Company, Guest Artist, Missoula, MT
8/31-9/6/15     Teaching:                                            Ibiza Contact Festival,
Ibiza, Spain
7/17-18/15        Performance:                                    Fingertips Toward
Floor…, Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles
7/8-11/15          Performance:                                     Fingertips Toward Floor…, Dance+ Performance Festival, Portland, OR
5/22-24/15       Performance:                                     Fingertips Toward Floor…, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, NYC
5/15-16/15        Performance:                                     More Unicorn, Leslie Seiters/little known dance theatre, San Diego State Univ, San Diego
4/23/15             Performance:                                    Listen, Live Arts Festival, San Diego
4/8-10/15         Teaching/Performance:                  More Unicorn, Leslie Seiters/little known dance theatre, Ohio State Univ, Dennison Univ, Kenyon College
3/17-21/15        Performance:                                     Hybrid 7,
Sara Shelton Mann, San Diego State Univ and Cal State San Marcos, San Diego
1/19/15              Performance:                                     Fingertips Toward Floor…,
Movement Research at the Judson Memorial Church, NYC
11/15/15            Performance:                                     Fingertips Toward Floor…,
Pieter Performance Space, Los Angeles
9/15-20/14       Teaching/Performance:                  Fingertips Toward Floor,
Bare Bait Dance Company Residency, Missoula, Montana
8/14-20/14      Teaching:                                             International Contact Festival Freiburg
, Freiburg Germany
7/21-31/14        Residency:                                        The Courtney Cloud Project, Dance Ireland, Dublin Ireland
7/14                    Performance:                                 For You, Dusseldorf and Ponderosa, Germany
7/7-12/14          Project Assistant:                             Live Legacy Project Project, Dusseldorf, Germany
6/14                    Teaching:                                          Practice: a dancing intensive in San Diego, San Diego
11/7-9/13           Performance:                                    Fingertips Toward Floor…, Wonderland International Dance Festival, ArtPower!, San Diego
10/15/13            Performance:                                    From Bodies and Mouths This Work Arrives, Arts and Lecture Series, Cal State San Marcos, San Diego